Aluminum perforated sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet

Item specifics

aluminum alloy
alu grade
sea worthy packing
raw material
alu coils
interior/exterior decoration

Product review


Aluminum perforated sheet

Aluminum alloy perforated plates are made of various aluminum alloy plates through mechanical perforation. The hole types include round holes, square holes, oblong holes, rectangular holes, triangular holes, three small combination holes, etc. This is a product that reduces noise and has a decorative effect.


Aluminum alloy perforated plate uses:

The aluminum alloy perforated plate is light in material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, good decorative effect, and easy to assemble. It can be used in public buildings such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, studios, and high-end civil buildings to improve sound quality conditions. Workshop workshops, civil air defense basements, etc. as noise reduction measures.


Features of aluminum alloy punched plate

1.Easy to process

2.Can be painted or polished

Easy to install

4. Plates of various thicknesses

5.Good sound absorption

6.A variety of apertures and arrangements


Use of aluminum alloy punching plate

Ceilings, filter plates, and perforated plates for the top walls of building objects.

Building balcony decorative orifice plate, punching decorative plate, punching plate.

Protective cover plate, punching net, round hole plate for mechanical equipment.

The perforated plate, perforated plate, and perforated plate are used to decorate the shelf nets used in shopping mall decoration exhibition stands.

Sound-absorbing panels, sound-insulating panels, and sound-absorbing panels for environmental noise control barriers.