Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Group Solid aluminum veneer
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Update Time 2019-12-30
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Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer 

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is often used for outdoor and indoor decoration. Outdoor can be used for building exterior wall decoration such as column beams, exhibition stands, balcony, advertising signs; indoors can be used for interior wall decoration.


Product specifications

Conventional thickness: 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm


The nature of the surface coating of aluminum plate is strictly according to customer requirements, and the color can be provided by the company to provide standard color cards for customers to choose.


Process flow

Aluminum veneer is a curtain wall material that uses aluminum alloy sheet as the base material, and is then formed by CNC bending and other techniques, and the surface is sprayed with decorative paint.

Sheet metal process: cutting → slotting → hemming → welding

Surface treatment process: grinding → degreasing and decontamination of aluminum plate → water washing → alkaline washing (degreasing) → water washing → pickling → water washing → chromizing → water washing

Multi-layer fluorocarbon spraying process: spraying topcoat, topcoat and finishing paint and secondary spraying (primer, topcoat).


Fluorocarbon paint is resistant to corrosion, UV, and does not fade and has a long life.

The paint layer is uniform and bright in color.

Variety: plate shape, color, seams, etc.

Quality assurance and durability.

Can be customized according to the size required.

Simple and flexible installation and maintenance, reducing construction and maintenance costs.

Aluminum alloy material can be recycled.