aluminum veneer ceiling powder coating with Inner wall

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I. Introduction of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

There are two types of aluminum veneer: modeling name and surface treatment name. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer belongs to the surface treatment name. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is processed to the surface of aluminum veneer with fluorocarbon paint. Its characteristics are fire and moisture , Anti-corrosion, no change in color, no drop of paint, etc., fluorocarbon paint is a professional abbreviation, also known as fluoro paint, fluororesin, etc. This material introduces fluorine element, friends who know chemistry know that fluorine is charged Element, so the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has a large electronegativity, which can be described as a very strange surface treatment material.


II. Specifications of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer
Conventional flat plate specifications: 600 * 1200mm, 600 * 1500mm, 1000 * 2000mm, etc.
Maximum plate size: 1200 * 2400mm (other larger sizes can be welded)
Conventional thickness: 2.0-3.0mm
Maximum thickness: 5.0mm


Three, fluorocarbon aluminum single board installation
1. Measuring hanging wire,
2. Welded tripode
3. Install fluorocarbon aluminum veneer,
4. The corner code and the corner code are staggered,
5. Hit the nut,
6. Glue edge banding,
7. Clean the plate is finished.

Fourth, the process of fluorocarbon paint
Spray primer-top coat-overcoat paint-baking "180-250 ° C"-quality inspection multi-layer spraying process with this three-time paint "#abbreviation three sprays",


The difference between three sprays, three sprays are divided into one spray primer, two spray top coats, and three spray hood finish paints, the worst is the secondary paint & # 40; primer, top paint & # 41; This depends on the environment in which the aluminum material is installed to agree. The really bad quality may be the three-shot fluorocarbon paint with surface treatment. This is the aluminum veneer with the most ok surface treatment technology. Then everyone noticed that there is a detail here, which is the humidity control during surface treatment: 180--250 ° C, this humidity range,


V. Applicable occasions
1. Office, office building, office, reception hall ...
2. Entertainment places, playgrounds, KTVs, bars, leisure clubs ...
3. Enterprise company, workshop, office building, conference room, cafeteria,
4. Catering industry, back kitchen, dining room, private room, etc.