sprayed aluminum veneer

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Introduction of sprayed aluminum veneer
The aluminum veneer is made of aluminum alloy as the main material, and has been processed by cutting, folding, arc bending, welding, stiffening, grinding, spraying and other processes.
Simple structure of sprayed aluminum veneer
(1) The aluminum veneer is mainly composed of 1100 series or 3003 series aluminum alloy plates, which are formed by bending, welding, and groove-shaped reinforcing ribs on the back, and riveted corner codes around it;
(2) Surface coating: Fluorocarbon coatings are generally used for outdoor materials, and polyester coatings and powder coatings can be used for indoor materials;
(3) Generally, the thickness of aluminum veneer for outdoor use is 2.5mm and 3mm; the thickness of low floors and podiums can be 2.0mm, and the thickness of indoor wall and ceiling can be 1.0mm or 1.5mm

Production process of sprayed aluminum veneer
Material selection-cutting board-film-perforation-leveling-bending forming-surface treatment-quality inspection storage

Main uses of sprayed aluminum veneer
(1) Mainly used for the decoration of the exterior walls of buildings;
(2) Internal walls, ceilings, foyer, facades, balustrades, grid structures, outdoor awnings, etc.