Surface treatment of Imitation of copper wire drawing aluminum veneer

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Surface treatment of Imitation of copper wire drawing aluminum veneer

With the rapid development of architectural curtain walls, people have gradually become a decorative material in architectural curtain walls, with a variety of colors.


Surface treatment of imitation stone aluminum veneer

1. The stone aluminum veneer has been processed.

2.Select customized stone thermal transfer paper to wrap the transferred aluminum veneer sheet metal, and fix the paper interface with high temperature resistant adhesive paper to prevent the stone thermal transfer paper from loosening and the stone aluminum veneer to be transferred Face the stone heat transfer paper.

3. Bake the wrapped stone aluminum veneer sheet metal. The baking temperature should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the substrate and the depth of the surface texture to be transferred.

4. Take out the baked stone aluminum veneer, remove the heat transfer paper, and clean the surface.

5. The aluminum veneer wrapped in stone transfer paper is wrapped in a tubular plastic bag with high temperature resistance and tightness, and then vacuumed from both ends of the plastic bag until the plastic bag can fully and effectively adhere to the substrate .


Production process of imitation stone aluminum veneer

Material selection-cutting board-film-perforation-leveling-bending forming-surface treatment-quality inspection storage


Use of imitation stone aluminum veneer

The imitation stone aluminum veneer curtain wall is suitable for various interior and exterior walls, lobby facades, column decorations, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridges, elevator edging, balcony packaging, advertising signs, indoor shaped ceilings and other decorations.