hyperbolic punched aluminum veneer
hyperbolic punched aluminum veneer
hyperbolic punched aluminum veneer
hyperbolic punched aluminum veneer
hyperbolic punched aluminum veneer
hyperbolic punched aluminum veneer

Item specifics

aluminum alloy
alu grade
sea worthy packing
raw material
alu coils
interior/exterior decoration



The arc-shaped punched aluminum veneer produced by Tianjin Meinowei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. uses advanced CNC punching equipment for laser engraving and perforation. Various shapes of holes are drilled on the surface of the arc-punched aluminum veneer. Customers' pursuit of the fashionable personality of aluminum plate decoration. Before the production of the arc punched aluminum veneer, the design of the door requires the cooperation of the door.

Product structure

The product structure is mainly composed of a panel, a reinforcing rib and an angle code. The arc punched aluminum veneer is installed with seams and close stitching.

2. Material selection

Arc punched aluminum veneer generally uses high-quality 1100, 3003, 5005 single-layer aluminum alloy plate as the base material. Surface treatment includes fluorocarbon spraying, polyester spraying and powder spraying. The surface color can be provided by the manufacturer with standard color cards for customers to choose.

3. Product specifications

Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm,

Length and width: the maximum size can reach 1500x4000mm,

Aperture: 2.0mm-10mm,

Radian: 180 degrees (can be customized within)

4. Product Features

(1) Shape, size, hole type, punching density, color, etc. can be customized;

(2) Low density, light weight, wide range of applications, can be used for indoor ceilings;

(3) Considering the convenience of installation and construction and easy maintenance when designing the structure;

(4) The punching has strong ventilation, which is conducive to air circulation and improves indoor air quality;

(5) Using high-quality aluminum alloy material, high strength and difficult to deform;

(6) The coating is uniform, the gloss is bright, and it is not easy to fade in long-term use;

(7) Aluminum alloy material has high recycling value and is environmentally friendly;

5. Application

(1) High-grade office building

(2) Office corridor

(3) Airport, station

(4) Subway plant, hospital

(5) Clubs, banks, shopping malls

(6) Stadium, building lobby, exhibition hall